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Hegelian Dialect aka False-FLags

     This page primarily focuses on two deceitful acts (C.A. Fires & Boston Marathon) for the simple fact of capturing the viewer's attention. For further analysis of False-Flag Terrorism and the lies those in charge of our own government have been telling us, visit:


     For a historical review of acts of Hegelian Dialect, ft. numerous Intelligence sources regarding 9/11 as another false-flag visit: read Shaun's Epistle found on the Homepage of


     The Redeeming Truth (Non-Mainstream-and-Free) Video & Book Library delivers the full history of America through a new version called the Truth.

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         In the slideshow to the Left, we bear-witness to photographs taken of the Napa Valley, CA "government claimed Wild Fires."

        These fires seemingly chose it targets and spread without burning any of the surrounding trees. What type of 'wild fires' are we dealing with here? Furthermore, we see melting metal running down the streets though typical fire, no matter how large it is, exists far below the required temperature to burn metal, glass, and car tires; yet all virtually disappeared.

       Many believe the destruction was in virtue of Direct Energy Weapons. As things appear, our own government/military implored these D.E.W. weapons within our borders! The initials DEW fit perfectly as these weapons are utilized around 5:00am as dew rests upon the ground.


Boston Marathon FBI-Planned 'Terrorist' Bombing

Isis doesn't stand for: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, don't be so naive; she's a Masonic Goddess

           Denver is home to enormous underground bases which certainly weren't constructed to keep the common populace safe from harm. A more likely scenario would be to retain the lives of  the Council on Foreign Relations members and their families  during a period when they reign-down n nuclear warheads across America to reduce population.

            On the contrary, as the rest of the world lives packed into cities like rats, the financial elite ruling class are living comfortably. If every human-being on earth was given .5 acres of land to live, everyone would fit within the island nation of Australia. Therefore, there's plenty of room for all and a worldwide population of 6.5 billion is highly unlikely. At the turn of the 20th century the world had 1.5 billion; I strongly doubt it grew at such a rate.

        Furthermore, the rich require 'cattle' to earn them money for more and more expenses. Many nations exist with people less 'valuable' than America. Although, an addition worry in the U.S. is the enormous 'Concentration Camps' under construction. Large prison-like structures, though being labeled by the title of Detention Centers are being built with no apparent reason. They're not for criminals, not for illegal immigrants, so what are they for?

Take Heed to their Warnings!

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The Maine was sunk along with half its crew!

Americas long history of sacrificing its own citizens.

Anglo-Zionist American Power and its False-Flags

         "Britain has invaded over 200 countries"

          "In many nations it's illegal to question Israeli authority"

Historic False-Flags

Recent False-Flags

Las Vegas Shooting:

     Ex- C.I.A. Agent Robert Steele immediately came-out and said the Las Vegas Shooting was yet another False-Flag. It's very simple: a helicopter arrives across the festival from the hotel and gunfire erupts. Thereafter, the crowd runs towards the hotel. Obviously, the initial shots came from the helicopter. Furthermore, a cop who discharged his gun in the room of the 'patsy' was told to hide this fact as the story to the public would be this man committed suicide. (oh yes, another suicide). When asked four weeks later why he didn't report firing his weapon this officer said that he forgot!!! How could anybody believe this nonsense?

 p.s.  Attempts to locate the 'shooting victims' in local hospitals and morgues have come-up empty.