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                               Less than 4% of the White population within the Southern Confederate States owned Slaves. The average Christian citizen certainly did not. Primarily, the rich Plantation Owners did; people who were spawned from Europe's Noble Class. Only an average of 1.8% of the White population throughout all of the United States owned slaves.

                Eleven (11) Million African Slaves were sold in the Atlantic slave trade to the Owners (Captain's) of the Slave Ships (mainly operating from 1570–1808, though Portugal may have began the the 15th Century A.D.) to be slaves in the America's. (incl. Caribbean). The majority of African Slaves were transported by the Portuguese into Brazil; roughly 6 million total which is 15 X's the total brought into the United States!  Only a mere 400,000 slaves total were brought into the U.S. with the high majority working on Plantations. Nonetheless, these slaves weren't strictly males but females also which enabled the black population to multiply and have families of their own. Although, the British Crown may have transported almost 2 million African slaves total, (most to Caribbean), they probably illegally captured (mostly boys) and forced into slavery more of the Irish population than African populace. Within one decade alone, millions of Irish Boys were transported to the Caribbean to become slaves to work on primarily Sugar Cane Plantations (also cotton, tobacco, rice, rubber, etc.).

        The Civil War was another Rich Man's War where the Rich Man didn't have to fight. An 1840 Census concluded that over 100 Plantation Owners owned 100+ Slaves. A law was passed which stated anyone who owned 20+ Slaves was Not Required to fight in the Confederate Army. Once again the common man would fight a rich man's war. financially- The Christians would fight and die for the Financially-Elite Occultist's and Jew's. (most would grew their wealth via the Slave Trade.).

  •                             "The "Twenty Negro Law", also known as the "Twenty Slave Law" and the "Twenty Nigger Law",[1] was a piece of legislation enacted by the Confederate Congress during the American Civil War. The law specifically exempted from Confederate military service one white man for every twenty slaves owned on a Confederate plantation, or for two or more plantations within five miles of each other that collectively had twenty or more slaves.[2] Passed as part of the Second Conscription Act in 1862, the law was a reaction to United States President Abraham Lincoln's preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which was issued barely three weeks earlier."  ➖ Wikipedia

               Many of the Slave Ships were owned by the European Monarchs and some were Jewish Merchant's and/or Banker's. The infamous High-Scale living and vacation town of Newport, R.I. was first settled by Jewish Slave-Ship Owner's. For this reason, the oldest Synagogue in America is located in Newport.

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